Pigment Punch Peel

A breakthrough clinical treatment to rapidly clear away the appearance of age spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolorations to visibly restore clarity to your complexion. The Pigment Punch™ Clarity Peel combines the powerful skin renewal and clarifying action of clinical strength alpha and beta hydroxy acids (to lift away the accumulated layers of dull, discolored cells) with the remarkable skin whitening action of optically pure Vitamin C and Tyrostat™, an organic herbal compound (rumex occidentalis) from the North Canadian prairies.


  • Patient's skin to be primed with appropriate Auspect Dr™ skin care program for at least 14 days prior to first clinical skin peel. The absolute minimum preparation is at least daily applications of X-fol-ator™ Serum for 14 days prior to the first clinical skin peel. Twice daily applications of Pigment Eze Pro™ is strongly recommended for 14 days pre and post peel for patients at risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • Patient profile including Fitzpatrick skin type and informed consent to be completed at initial consultation and reviewed prior to first peel.
  • A patch test should always be performed on the patient at least 2 weeks prior to their first peel to rule out allergy to salicylic acid and other actives.

Post Treatment:

  • No additional products on skin for at least 3 hours.
  • No X-fol-ator Serum™ or other preparations containing AHAs, BHAs, retinoids or exfoliants for at least 72 hours. All other non-exfoliative home care products may be resumed 24 hours post peel.
  • Appropriate physical sun protection to be applied every day and strict sun avoidance advised during the course of peels and for at least 28 days after final peel treatment.
  • Red-Less Serum is strongly recommended to maintain dermal comfort and may be applied as often as required. Note: Red-Less Serumâ„¢ is "non comedogenic".
  • Client to receive comprehensive written post peel treatment instructions.

Product Information


An unbuffered, modified (Resorcinol FREE) Jessner-style peel fortified with the remarkable tyrosinase inhibiting benefits of Tyrostat™. pH of 2.0-2.5

Clinical Indications:

For the management of all types of epidermal hyperpigmentation including uneven skin tone, age spots hormonal pigmentation and other discolorations.

Degree of Peeling:

Variable, ranging from no visible peeling to a light to moderate flaking of skin between days 2-7 after the peel. Those with acne prone skin may experience an initial breakout due to the deep follicular cleansing action of Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA). Skin may appear flushed and feel tight for several days and discolorations may temporarily darken before peeling away.